About Us

Recovery Center East is a peer-run program for those who identify as having life interrupting challenges. The peer component allows us to engage with individuals, as we have “been there.”

We appeal to those who may feel somewhat discouraged by the traditional mental health system, but who would like to seek support.

Although the word “center” is in our name, we consider ourselves to be “without walls.” We meet people where they are at; literally and figuratively. We offer opportunities to meet new people, find supports, and gain independence within one’s own community. RCE is more than just a “project” of MHAW. We strive to give people the opportunities that they may not have previously believed they had.

We hold our events in the community: libraries, the bowling alley, movie theaters, restaurants, beaches, coffee houses, etc. We also provide one-to-one support.

We promote the strengths of individuals, help them to achieve their goals; develop a greater sense of community, and a newfound sense of independence. By providing this service, we encourage individuals to branch out, beyond the system, and create a larger support network in their community of choice.